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corporate bonds

Actively concerned about the development of the Mexican fixed-income market, SIF ICAP has been a pioneer in the trading of fixed-income securities issued by companies, state and municipal governments, and state-owned or -controlled companies, denominated in Mexican pesos, with terms of between 7 days and 30 years. These securities may be issued at a fixed rate, amortizable rate, floating rate, or amortizable fixed rate. The users of this service are banks and brokerage houses domiciled in Mexican territory.

Today, SIF ICAP is the only inter-dealer broker in Mexico with an area dedicated exclusively to this key market.

Every day, more government and private entities turn to this market for financing, which has clearly helped increase the trading activity and liquidity of corporate bonds. All the features of a given issue may be looked up on the same trading screen, allowing users to quickly become acquainted with each issue traded.