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Our Social Commitment

We are the leading inter-dealer broker in Mexico. We offer our clients trading access to global instruments, and we are the only firm with the backing of the Mexican Stock Exchange, an institution of renowned prestige in the national financial industry, and ICAP Plc., the world's largest inter-dealer broker, listed on the London Stock Exchange. Our goal is to offer Mexican and foreign banks and brokerage houses access to liquidity in a broad and diverse range of markets

We are present in financial markets throughout Latin America, with our partners the Chilean Electronic Exchange, the Colombian Stock Exchange and the Lima Stock Exchange.

Our work is guided by ethical values, and we are aware of the importance of such values in making this world a better place to live.

This is why it is so important for us to maintain a profoundly human attitude, making a constant effort to reaffirm and re-state our commitment to society, to try and make a difference in as many areas of endeavor as possible.

In recognition of and gratitude for the privileged position we enjoy in the financial world, we have the firm intention of making a global effort that allows us to give back little of what we have received.